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Water Lentils. We've all seen it. We just didn't recognize it. Tiny, bright green, aquatic plants, it  is literally everywhere. Many people mistake it for algae.

As the world's smallest, free floating, flowering plant, it tends to get pushed around, crowded out and shaded by larger, more cumbersome plants. As the best source of edible protein and carbohydrates out there in nature it also tends to be grazed on - but it has evolved to adapt to the predatory world it lives in. It grows and reproduces faster than any other leafed plant. While it flowers, fruits and seeds, water lentils have adapted to cloning as a favored means of reproduction - reproducing itself continuously.

It has also adjusted by becoming the world's most efficient photosynthetic engine. It can attain its extraordinary growth rates, literally doubling in under two days, with only partial sunlight -- consuming, in the process, astonishing amounts of carbon dioxide and emitting precious oxygen.

Parabel, with its Aquafarm, provides the water lentils everything it requires in a precise, timely fashion to allow it to attain its extraordinary productive potential, then harvests it continuously, and processes it immediately to produce LENTEIN and Water Lentil Flour.

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