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Parabel's technology transforms water lentils (Lemnoideae) into high-value products in a predictable and profitable manner. The system is a combination of multiple patent granted and patent pending systems, processes and configurations, trademarks, proprietary software and trade secrets.

Parabel's water lentils grow continuously in open-air systems that are maintained under strictly controlled growth parameters. The modular design enables us to build-out in phases or to customize build-outs to various topologies for large-scale production.

Parabel's proprietary harvesting strategy utilizes optimized algorithms to ensure maximum yield.

Parabel's technology can deliver a consistent year-round harvest of more protein per acre than other crops.

Parabel's patented process transforms the harvested crop into products ready for shipment and sale. The process leverages low-risk, industry-standard equipment, tailored and optimized to process the water lentils.
The system is customizable to market-specific requirements, which include de greening/defatting and higher protein densities

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