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The Water Lentil has been eaten for thousands of years but its potential is only now being realized.

Water Lentils goes by many names, in many countries, among them lenteja de agua, lentilles d'eau.  It is also called khai nam (water eggs) or even shobuj shona (green gold). It is full of Protein, Dietary fiber and a range of Micronutrients which include Vitamins, Minerals, Chlorophyll and Omega-3 fatty acids - to keep us all happy and healthy.

Parabel has taken water lentils to a new level, developing patented technologies that allow us to transform this elegant plant into unique high nutrition and high energy products.

We always use naturally available local strains that are non-GMO therefore ensuring an environmentally friendly crop with no negative impacts on local biodiversity.

While we grow Lemnaceae in highly optimized conditions, we remain committed to keeping our system all natural and free of chemical solvents.

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