Oct 30,  2013

Parabel Completes the First Phase of Uganda Investment Project

Parabel Ltd has successfully completed the first phase of a 7 million USD, high tech agro-investment that produces human food and animal feed in Entebbe, Uganda.

The project run by the Abu Dhabi-based company, Parabel Ltd, involves a unique technology designed to grow, harvest and process a locally available aquatic plant, Lemna, to create food and feed products.

This involved the large-scale growth and harvesting of local micro-crops in a demonstration facility outside Entebbe International Airport. At the minister's follow-up visit, Hon Bright Rwamirama, State Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, pledged government support for the project.

Parabel's technology is recognized as part of the solution to the food security crisis with global estimates indicating that food demand will outstrip current supply with 30% more food needed in the next 40 years.

The sustainably grown micro-crop is produced without using expensive farmland and minimizing use of local water sources. It is not genetically modified and is harvested all year around by local workforce. The company's solution enables year round growth, harvest and production providing local workforce with opportunities.

"In this first phase, we confirmed that the micro-crops grow very quickly and that there is tremendous potential for high production rates in Uganda," said Anthony Tiarks, CEO at Parabel." In light of these successful results, we will now move quickly to build and operate commercial-scale production facilities."

Tom Buringuriza, Parabel Ltd's Vice President for Africa, said, "Uganda is the first African state with a fully operating demonstration and research site and it will lead to a fully commercial site that will be replicated in other states with similar weather conditions."

Parabel Ltd is a company based in Abu Dhabi with offices in the US, Uganda and Beijing. It provides end-to-end solutions for feed and food production. The company's system delivers strong economic returns to customer licensees, as well as social and environmental benefits through job creation and community investment.




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