Jul 13,  2015

Europe: Plant protein wins IFT2015 award


Parabel USA's Lentein received the Innovation Award at the 2015 IFT Food Expo in Chicago, US recently. The 100% sustainable plant protein ingredient is extracted from a water lentil, Lemnoideae, which, with its high levels of protein combined with other macro and micro nutrients, has been described as the world's most sustainable and complete food source. The water lentil plant grows in a carbon neutral, lined aqua farm and the water use per kilogram of Lentein is substantially lower than that of other proteins. It is a non-genetically modified organism, fast growing crop that doubles in size every 16-32 hours and is harvested every day, which contributes to a yield higher than any other crop per-square-meter. The protein ingredient contains comparable levels of amino acids to whey, and higher levels of amino acids than other plant proteins such as soy and pea. It is also soy, lactose and gluten-free. The cold pressed technology allows for additional versatility, and enables the extraction of various concentrations of the protein, allowing Parabel to bring different densities and functionalities to market. Parabel is building a commercial plant that will be able to supply several thousand tons of extracted, US-certified protein per year.


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